AI-Driven Collection Tracker
Say Goodbye to Duplicates

When a collection is numerous, it is difficult to manage it. With our app, you can access your collection wherever you are. You can also share your collection with your friends.

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Now your collection can go with you wherever you go

With Collection AI, you can access your collection from any device, anywhere.

  • Share your collection with others

    You can share a link to your collection with others so they can see what you have.

  • Identify items in your collection with AI

    Take a picture of an item and the AI will tell you if it is in your collection. No more mistakes when buying duplicates!

  • Manage multiple collections

    You can manage multiple collections with different items in each one

Special price for early adopters

The free plan is created for you to try the platform out. No pressure. If you have a collection and you’re ready to take it to the next level, the early adopter plan is for you. Future plans will be subscription based.

Remember that the early adopter plan is a limited time offer and you can only pay once for lifetime access.



You’re just trying the platform out. I get it. No pressure.

  • Only 1 collection allowed
  • Only 5 items per collection
  • Only basic info on your collection items

LogoEarly Adopter (limited time offer)


You’ve a collection and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

  • 1 payment only for lifetime access
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited items
  • Add aditional info to your collection items (WIP 🚧)
  • Allow to add an image to your collection items
  • Allow others to see your collection
  • Early access to new features

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Collection AI?

      Collection AI is a SaaS platform that allows users to manage and access information about their collections. Users can train the platform with items from their collections and use pictures to check if an item is in their collection and access associated data.

    • How do I add items to my collection?

      To add items to your collection, log in to your Collection AI account, navigate to the 'Add Item' section, and follow the instructions to upload details and pictures of the item.

    • Can I use Collection AI for free?

      Yes, Collection AI offers a free plan where users can add up to 5 items in one collection. The free plan is intended for testing the platform.

    • What are the benefits of upgrading to a paid plan?

      Paid users can upload an unlimited number of items, create multiple collections, and generate a public collection URL to share their collection with others.

    • How does the image recognition feature work?

      Users can upload a picture of an item, and Collection AI will identify if the item is in the user's collection and provide the associated data.

    • Is my personal information safe with Collection AI?

      Yes, Collection AI only saves the data necessary for logging in. The rest of the data stored pertains to your collection items.

    • What happens to my data if I stop using Collection AI?

      The data about your collection will remain on the platform even if you decide to stop using Collection AI. However, your personal information will not be stored, except for the login credentials.

    • Can I get a refund for my early adopter payment?

      No, the early adopter payment of $9.99 is a non-refundable contribution to support the platform's development.

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